Welcome to our Subscription and Membership Page.

Below you will find the Form to Subscribe to our Yoga Classes or if you wish Subscribe to one of our Membership Levels. Currently only the Bronze Membership level is available, however, we will add additional levels over time.

Yoga Class Subscription

Yoga (Option 1)

Yoga class option 1 offers you 1x class per week at a cost of $66.00 AUD payable monthly in advance ($16.50/Week)

At this time, all Yoga Classes are held via Zoom online. You can subscribe below to join one or more classes.

Please scroll down to below the Membership Level Options and fill in the form.

Membership Level Options

Bronze Membership

This is currently the only level of subscription available and is included when you sign up for Yoga Classes below.

Other levels will be added over time and upgrading to them will be offered to everyone and will be very easy.

The Bronze Membership level provides you with access to the following:

  • Quartely Magazine/Newsletter on Health and Wellbeing: – The magazine will include articles on Alternative medicine, Mindfulness, and Health & Wellbeing. Tips on diet and nutrition, and more…
  • Notification of VIP discounts on our range of Wildcrafted Herbal Products: – You will be the first to know about any special offers we have across our range of Wildcrafted Herbal Products.
  • 10% Members-Only discounts: – As a Bronze member you automatically qualify for a 10% discount on courses, intensives and workshops, but NOT Yoga Classes.
  • and much more…

Use the pre-set Checkout Option below to subscribe today.

Silver Membership

Coming Soon

Gold Membership

Coming Soon

For Yoga Classes, choose one of the options on the drop-down menu below. The first option is for 1 class per week. We are charging $66.00 per month, so some months you will get one class for free.

The second option will provide you with access to 2 classes per week. Again we are charging this on a per month rate and by choosing this option, you get 10% discount and the odd free class in months where there are 5 weeks.

The remaining choices are for our Members Only pages. These are currently under construction and not being offered. PLEASE DO NOT TRY TO SIGN UP FOR ANY OF THE MEMBERSHIP OPTIONS – IT WILL NOT WORK

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